Sunday, June 6, 2010

Techniques to Learn Math Easily

Many students found themselves, that math is a difficult subject. If you’re one of them here are some tips to learn math easily…

  1. Be opened minded

    Open your mind to the new ideas that your teacher/instructor discuss in your class. Do no think that it is a difficult subject, and you hate that subject.

  2. Ask questions

    Ask some questions that are relevant to the subject matter. Do no hesitate to ask questions because through this you will learn something.

  3. Find easy formula

    In every problem, there’s always a solution. Try some formulas that are relevant to the problem given by your teacher/instructor. In mathematics there are many solutions in a problem, as long as you came up with the same answer.

  4. Analyze and know what is missing or unknown

    Analyze the problem carefully. Do not jump into conclusion that it is difficult, and you don’t have the ability to solve the problem. Always think positive.

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