Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Problem-based Learning

Problem-based learning (PBL) is an exciting alternative to traditional classroom learning.

With PBL, your teacher presents you with a problem, not lectures or assignments or exercises.Since you are not handed "content", your learning becomes active in the sense that you discover and work with content that you determine to be necessary to solve the problem.

In PBL, your teacher acts as facilitator and mentor,
rather than a source of "solutions."

Problem based learning will provide you with opportunities to
  • examine and try out what you know
  • discover what you need to learn
  • develop your people skills for achieving higher performance in teams
  • improve your communications skills
  • state and defend positions with evidence and sound argument
  • become more flexible in processing information and meeting obligations
  • practice skills that you will need after your education


Serene said...

yeap, PBL is the way to go. its already being practised in many places.

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shaiful said...


eLLa said...

saye belajar PBL..
but i dont think tat..
i had achieve the objective ..
of learning it..;(

Shaiful Zaidi said...

to ella : very good... PBL is not the 'problem'. real prob. is 'how we implement it'.