Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mathematical Modelling

Modelling activity

Mathematical modelling, often referred to as the modelling cycle, can be represented by a diagram: 

Mathematical Modelling Diagram showing the key stages in the process, as described below, as a cycle.

The key stages in this modelling process can be summarized as: 
  1. SPECIFY THE PURPOSE - define the problem and decide on the aspects of the problem to investigate.
  2. CREATE THE MODEL - state simplifying assumptions; choose variables and parameters and formulate mathematical relationships.
  3. DO THE MATHEMATICS - solve equations, draw graphs and derive results.
  4. INTERPRET RESULTS - describe mathematical solution in words; perform sensitivity analysis; decide what results to compare with reality and collect relevant data.
  5. EVALUATE THE MODEL - test the model by comparing it with reality and criticise the model.

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