Saturday, July 17, 2010

Which Type of Learner Are You ?

LEFT (Analytic)
RIGHT (Global)
Successive Hemispheric Style
Simultaneous Hemispheric Style
1. Verbal1. Visual
2. Responds to word meaning2. Responds to tone of voice
3. Sequential3. Random
4. Processes information linearly4. Processes information in varied order
5. Responds to logic5. Responds to emotion
6. Plans ahead6. Impulsive
7. Recalls people's names7. Recalls people's faces
8. Speaks with few gestures8. Gestures when speaking
9. Punctual9. Less punctual
10. Prefers formal study design10. Prefers sound/music background while studying
11. Prefers bright lights while studying11. Prefers frequent mobility while studying

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